Why do you choose the support network?

Another reason for using vegetable support and trellis netting (vegetable support and trellis netting) is that in the early stages of development,

plants instinctively use most of their energy on the leaves, thereby maximizing the ability of light and photosynthesis.

Once this natural process is completed, the plant will deliver nutrients to the fruit, and it is time for the grower to start harvesting.

Because of the need to support and support the crop upwards, it is also necessary to support the branches on the traditional support net system woven with raffia rope between the support columns. The grower must fix the crop to the vertical support frame, which will mess up the nature of the leaves. Growth order.

For this reason, 3-5 days after the raffia rope is fixed and over-touched, the leaves of the plant will be found to be tilted and twisted, usually wilting. At this stage, the plant will do whatever it takes to gather energy and strength to recover from the trauma (in some extreme cases, the plant will even derive nutrients from the fruit to survive), etc., and who has calculated that the use of raffia rope for manual processing Crops will be damaged

One of the major advantages of using support nets to support crops is that, especially when using support nets (there is one on each side of the groove to sandwich the crops or install a V-shaped crop support net), by not paying attention to the crops, let It grows naturally, and the branches and leaves will slowly lean against the support net without mechanical stress. The fruit supported by the pedicel will also find a comfortable position on the support net, and the weight of the fruit will not hinder its maximum development.