what colour shade cloth for vegetables

As time goes into the summer, light becomes stronger and the temperature rises, also the greenhouse inside temperature is higher and too strong light ray can affecting the growth of vegetables, thus customer want to reduce the temperature and light intensity in the greenhouse, shade net or shade netting is just the right choice,and that is just the shade net advantages.

While want to reduce the temperature,must choose the right color and shade rate for vegetables.

shade net

1. Choose the right color

Usually for agro shade net, there are two colors, black and silver gray. Black had a high shading rate and good cooling effect, long useful time, common is 2-3 years, it is the best economic product, has a greater impact on photosynthesis, the right items for use on leafy vegetables. So should reduce the coverage time for some light -loving vegetables.

Although the silver gray shade net is not as effective as the black one,it has less effect on the photosynthesis of vegetables, and

shade netting can be used on bright vegetables such as eggplant fruits. And just because of its color, this silver gray net has good light transmittance and has the effect of avoiding aphids and preventing the harm of virus diseases. A shading net with a shading rate of 75% can meet the growth requirements of cabbage.

Some customer use white shading nets applied to strawberry seedlings and strawberry planting, common is 30cm wide white shade net is used to isolate the strawberry fruit from the black mulch film to reduce the occurrence of roasted fruit,rotten fruit and some disease, so can provide commodity rate.

The blue shade net can slow down the growth of crops, delay the flowering period, and make the crop branches dwarf and compact.

blue shade net

2. Choose the right shading rate

Here below picture is just the different shading rate for different plant.

Choose the right shading rate

According to the weaving process, the sunshade net can be divided into plain woven net and knitted net. Their manufacturing processes are different. Plain woven shade nets have low output and high production costs. While knitted shade nets have high yields and relatively low production costs.

sunshade net
Left is woven plain,right is knitted net.

Woven shade net can be divided into 50%,60%,70%,80% and 90% according to shading rate, the highest is 95%.

Woven shade netWoven shade net
Shading rate is 50% and 60%

shade netting
shade netting
Shading rate is 70% and 80%

Shading rate is 70% and 80%

Shading rate 90%

While knitted type shade netting can be divided into 2 needles, 3 needles, 4 needles, 6 needles, according to one inch width, how many lines.

shade netting

3 needles different shading rate, left is 70%,right is 80%

6 needles shading rate 90%

6 needles shading rate 90%

The last, and the mostly important is the density of the knitted sunshade net is not fixed. The thinness and consistency can be adjusted,2 needles. 3 needles,4 needles and 6 needles can be adjusted to high or low density according to the real demand. So there is difficult to say some percent shading rate is for curtain plant, must think about the real demand according to the plant growing process. Hebei Tuosite plastic net co.,ltd is a professional shade net manufacturer, during the past several years, our product had exported to more than 100 countries and areas, service lots of different demand customers, with experience about shade netting industry, please contact with us for more product information.